A New Age in Virtual Reality: Inside PlayStation VR

From Nintendo’s Virtual Boy developed in the 1990’s era to 21st century technology in the Oculus Rift, another star in virtual reality is now on the horizon and finally here to bring the future of virtual reality even further as another way to promote gaming.

The unveil of the all new PlayStation VR Headset is what we are going to be talking about and what you need to know about this headset along with a list breakdown of the games that are already available on this amazing VR headset.

The Specs inside PlayStation VR

Inside Look at Sony PlayStation VR Headset

In providing technical details of the new PlayStation VR headset, the performance of this headset develops HD stereoscopic 1920 x 1080 resolution images that generate upwards to 120Hz refresh rate or 120FPS through a 6″ OLED screen; but, it only depends on the rendering of graphics per game applications that will be used for virtual reality.

The new PlayStation VR headset will also support 4k resolution (2160p UHD) when used with the Sony PlayStation Pro console.

PlayStation 4 Camera

The PlayStation 4 Camera is required for PSVR installation and setup to run VR-only games; but, not for non-VR games running in Cinematic Mode

In knowing that virtual reality works the best with lower latency, the PlayStation VR has a latency between 12 to

18ms to meet this requirement to prevent in game lag and support the fundamental of head tracking with the 100 degree FOV.

As for some other hardware specifications, the PS VR has a processing unit where it handles the HDMI cable management and split connection between the headset and your flatscreen.

For playing VR compatible only games, the PSVR requires the usage of the PlayStation 4 Camera and Move Motion Controller hardware in order to track your movements as you play in virtual reality.

List of Games Available for PlayStation VR

As Sony has released their virtual reality headset, they have promised to release up to 50 different game titles that will be compatible to play only on the new PlayStation VR headset. Here are a couple of the game titles that are already out that I personally recommend so far that are decent in virtual reality:

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Go Cinematic…

PSVR has Cinematic Mode for non-PSVR games

Besides being used for PSVR only compatible games, the PlayStation VR headset will also work with all other non-VR games as a part of the Cinematic Mode feature where it will link from the PS4 user interface straight to the headset in 2D to experience gameplay ranging from a 3m to 5.5m FOV screen setting the headset has to offer.

The resolution presented through the “Cinematic Mode” of the PSVR headset is split at 960×1080 between both eyeports to make up for the 1920×1080 maximum resolution that can be achieved.

Is PlayStation VR Worth It?

In my opinion about Sony’s creation of PSVR, the design of the headset is cool and at least decent with the LED’s and creativity that went into building it; but, I honestly believe that it has a long way to go to get up to par with the current graphics outputs we are seeing now on the PS4 Pro with 4k resolution.

The “split” 960×1080 resolution is what turns me off about PSVR as it kills the quality to experience any games virtually…Nobody in this day in age of gaming is looking to go back to the early 2000’s to the 2D era. The distorted graphics don’t help either as it is sometimes seem harder to play with non-VR games than the VR-ready games.

As far as tracking goes, your movements are clearly represented and incorporated into the virtual reality world of the game with the motion controllers and camera working properly to do what they are supposed to do in achieving the most FOV. However, the calibration part of PSVR does require some re-calibration from time to time since there is no self-centering feature to keep the camera calibrated during game play. I also believe there should be more sensons on the headset to better serve wider FOV and keep the calibration stable (maybe 8 to 12 sensors).

For what I believe at the moment, I wouldn’t try to buy the PSVR at this time because of the outputted quality that is being revealed in the VR games; but, if anyone wants to buy it to experience a whole other view to watching movies on Netflix and videos on YouTube…knock yourselves out. Hopefully, Sony will work to achieve more VR versions in the future as graphics become more and more crystal clear.

One final note…don’t try to play any racing games or try to think that you can play for 5+ hours non-stop with this thing otherwise you might be in for a big headache or get a lot of dizzy and nausea spells if you don’t take plenty of breaks.


Andrew Simmons

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